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Claudio Milano Affiliates

You’re a modern traveler, an influencer that believes your clothing should empower your sense of freedom and style no matter where life takes you. You’re just the kind of person we want sharing and representing our brand. We’d like to gift you some 100% linen clothing, shoes and accessories. All you have to do is tell people about our brand and share your custom coupon code!


  • You get gifted clothes (must have a minimum of 10k authentic followers)
  • You get paid 10% commission on each sale
  • You get 50% OFF any purchase
  • You give 25% OFF friends and family
  • You grow with us, you get more benefits
  • You may get featured on our site and social media channels


Initiation: You must share a minimum of 3 photos of any Claudio Milano clothing on social media along with your coupon code or referral link.

Continued Affiliation: You must be actively sharing your coupon code or referral link. How you do the sharing is entirely up to you… send out an email blast or texts to your friends, post it on a blog or forum, tag us in a post on social media, stick a referral link in the bio of your social media channels… basically, we ask that you have fun and get creative with it; we just need to be able to follow your efforts in some way. Assuming you’re sharing properly, everything will be tracked on your Refersion Dashboard.

Being part of the Claudio team means communication is key, so keep us in the loop with what you’re doing, and we’ll be happy to help with anything you need. If we don’t see any sales and shares generated by your efforts, we may terminate your affiliation with us.

Tracking & Compensation

We’ve teamed up with Refersion to generate and track your custom coupon codes and referral links. When used, every sale made by your efforts will show up on your Refersion Dashboard. Commission will be automatically calculated and sent to you through Paypal at the end of every month.




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